Week 8 Battleships and Orchestras

Has she finally lost the plot….

In the Master Key this week we were asked to visualize a Battleship in our mind, a huge, powerful, steel monster floating on the surface of the water, and then begin to think about how it came to be. The armies of trained men who operate it, why was it commissioned it to be built, who commissioned it, who designed it, where did the steel come from, the armies of men who mined the ore, how this was carried from the mines and melted, how did they discover steel could float?….The Archimedes Principle! Who was Archimedes?physics1………Arrghh…..I flunked physics!!!!!

Ok, so my female brain had a few difficulties with this one. I printed out a photo of a battleship and although it helped I still found it difficult because I’m a girl!!!! I don’t do battleships. But orchestras………well now you’re thinkingSmiley Flower Happy!

To my mind, an orchestra is sort of like a huge battleship. It takes lots of people, working in harmony to create. Each one of those people has spent hundreds of hours practicing their particular instrument, the instruments had to be designed and made by someone. Each one of the musicians would have had lessons with a tutor, and how did they learn their craft? Where did the wood, brass, steel, plastic, hair, and cork come from that goes to make up all the different instruments? Who was Ibn Khurradadhbih, Johann Christoph Denner, Charles Clagget? Now this is something I could visualize. Phew!! 

So what’s the point in all this visualization? ………..Well just take a look around you……Everything, from the seemingly simple pen and paper on your desk, the desk itself, the chair you are sitting on, the mug your coffee is in…..everything was created out of the imagination of someone. We don’t know them personally, we probably don’t it give a second thought. We just use the products of their imagination to help us use our own imagination. For me one of the points of the exercise this week was to gain an understanding of the concept that when you take any object back to its fundamental roots of origin, EVERYTHING comes from one place…..THE MIND OF MAN.

Haanel 8:1-2 “Thoughts contain a vital principle, because it is the creative principle of the Universe and by its nature will combine with other similar thoughts. As the one purpose of life is growth, all principles underlying existence must contribute to give it effect. Thought, therefore, takes form and the Law of growth eventually brings it into manifestation.”

This weeks video clip is FULL of wondrous imagination. The musicians, the instruments, music, the conductor, the audience, the film the music was written for, the actors who brought the story from the imagination of the writer to life, the film directors, camera men and crew….the list is endless. Enjoy, think, imagine, dream and then go create the life you want. This music literally ‘gives me goosies’ (I think this is the new MKMMA catch phrase!!!)

Haanel 8:8 Imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience.

I never knew Johann Christoph Denner, but I am so grateful for his courage to follow his imagination. Why? Because through his thought and imagination he was able to visualize the keys necessary to transform the Chalumeau into a Clarinet, which was later developed further through the imagination of Klose, who produced the instrument that I learnt to play, and now teach to young people who may have imagination and thoughts of joining an orchestra themselves one day.

One musician is a soloist, two musicians can play a duet, but a whole load of musicians playing different instruments create an orchestra, and this is the ship composers through the centuries have used to float their imaginations.