Week 9 Seeds or Weeds

We Reap what we Sow!

In the Master Key this week Haanel asks us to visualise planting the seed of a favourite flower, watering it, seeing the soil warmed by the sun, the roots begin to weave and take hold. The first shoots of life appear above the ground, tiny little stubs become leaves and unfurl, gradually giving substance and subsistence to this new life. Eventually the buds form and burst and the beautiful flower emerges. See it’s beauty and colour, smell it’s delicate fragrance and marvel at the wonder of creation. How did this beautiful flower fit inside that tiny little seed?

seed packetHave you ever bought a packet of seeds or small bulbs, put them in the shed and left them there until you can get around to planting them? Why don’t the seeds grow and burst out of the packet? How do these seemingly insignificant, little things know it isn’t time?

Then one day you open the packet, take a handful of these tiny capsules of life andsowing-the-seeds plant them in the soil……….. But do you leave them to their secret stirrings or do you doubt their ability to do what they were created to do and take matters into your own hands?  I mentioned last week that Haanel says some people “are like a child who has just planted a seed and every fifteen minutes goes and stirs up the earth to see if it is growing.” 

At the beginning of the Master Keys we spent several weeks preparing our seed…..our Definite Major Purpose. What? These are our dreams, our reason for living, our purpose beyond paying off the credit card debts! Through the tasks and readings over the last few weeks we have been watering our seed, and now we are warming the soil, embedding it deep into our Subconscious mind. How?

shoot 2Scroll 2 of ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ focuses on Love. Reading it three times a day throughout November is keeping our heart and mind focused on love, the bedrock of everything, the key that unlocks the door. Love is the suns rays that warm the soil (our heart and mind) so that our seed can begin to take root. The visualisation exercise is to help develop concentration and control of this fertile soil.

Rose Sunset400One of my favourite flowers is a rose, so this is what I chose to grow in my mind. (I know these are grown from a bulb! but please bear with me). At first it was difficult to concentrate and everything from needing to renew my insurance to cleaning the bathroom would pop into my head at the most critical points………….. ho hum……… but I kept trying, and now I’m beginning to focus more clearly. Now, not only am I able to visualise my rose, but also the home I have created in my dream.

beautiful-rose-pictures-flower_104678When we plant our seeds (thoughts) in fertile soil (our mind), water them (visualisation), warm them with the sun (Love), keep out the choking weeds (meditation and focus) and allow The Universe to do what it does perfectly, new life will emerge. Through the Law of Attraction and the Law of Growth our seed begins to grow. People, circumstances and opportunities will start to open up, creating roots. As we follow these avenues we add substance and subsistence to our dreams and the leaves will unfurl, the buds will form, and with complete faith our seed (dreams) will blossom in due course, so long as we don’t go digging them up! By this I mean moving our focus onto negatives, problems and current circumstances (which are the result of thoughts we planted previously!)

As any gardener will tell you, the soil does not care what is planted…..it will return to you in abundance what ever you sow, and if your garden is overgrown it will take a little work to pull up the thistles and give our flower room to breathe.

As we focus with faith on the things we want, support each other, work together and let our light shine with Love in our Heart we will become the person we were created to be in due course. Your Spirit knows, just like the tiny seeds in the packet when the conditions are right! One step at a time. If your flower hasn’t grown and bloomed within a week do you dig it up to check on its progress or do you have faith that it will grow?

Are you planting seeds or weeds?

I say Love, it is a flower and you it’s only seed……