Week C11 – Ebb and Flow

Let Go!

let goAfter the ‘rush’ of the last few weeks, this week has been one of letting go of the oars and going with the flow. I have come to understand that life is not all about trying so hard, but to actually trust the Universe has everything sorted. It has been good to have a little time to reflect and contemplate, knowing that the people and circumstances that I need to help me and who need my help are all lined up and it is ok to stop paddling and let the current take me down stream easily and gently.

This week I officially joined a local business networking club that I have been going to as a guest for a little while now. I enjoyed an evening playing clarinet in a little octet ensemble that I belong to and went out for a celebratory meal with my business colleague as it was the first opportunity we have had to get together since our business launch last week. The Law of Least Effort happened to be the topic of my current Creative Personal Development Course and I Love teaching and sharing skills and information with amazing ladies who are thoroughly enjoying this time to relax, learn and refocus their thoughts and energy.

“The effects which are produced in the world without are the result of the action and reaction of the individual upon the universal; that is the process which we call thinking; the brain is the organ through which this process is accomplished; think of the wonder of it all! Do you love music, flowers, literature, or are you inspired by the thought of ancient or modern genius? Remember, every beauty to which you respond must have its corresponding outline in your brain before you can appreciate it.” (Haanel 6:10)

filingOur brain works like a humongous filing system that is fast, more efficient and more amazing than any computer system. But to understand and recognise things we have to prepare our mind by creating the necessary files or brain cells. I love brain teasers and have been reading so much on the subject of creativity, observation, problem solving and diverse thinking. One of the little quizzes I gave my course members last week was to identify 3 well know celebrities from mixed up photos, and then identify a person from a complete and perfectly clear photo. In seconds they were able to correctly identify the celebrities from a mixed up assortment of squares, an ear here an eye there! Yet the perfect image of a face was impossible for them to identify! Why?

“The value of the subconscious is enormous; it inspires us; it warns us; it furnishes us with names, facts and scenes from the storehouse of memory. It directs our thoughts, tastes, and accomplishes tasks so intricate that no conscious mind, even if it had the power, has the capacity for.” (Haanel 2:7)

red-heartHow did their brains whiz through billions of mental files, rearrange the squares to form a complete image and correctly identify the celebrities they had not been thinking of in any way only a moment ago? Yet a clear, perfect image that required no effort to decipher was unidentifiable? Because their brains had not been prepared at any time in their lives with information that they could call upon to help them at that moment. The more I am learning about the amazing power of our mind the more I want to learn. I Love learning and understanding how I have complete control over what I think, what I focus my attention on, what I choose to learn and what I allow my subconscious mind to accept as truth. Love what you do and the rest is easy. Am I happy? YES. Am I excited? YES. Am I loving life? YES

From my heart to yours……………………………….

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