Week C26 – 2 Years Ago!

Write a weekly blog?????

kitty2Wow, this is my final Continuation blog post from the 2014 -15 MasterKey Experience Class!  Two years of posting a weekly blog about my journey with the MasterKey Experience! Wahoo! When I started The MasterKey in 2013 I was what you might term a blogging virgin! lol Truth be told I was a little nervous about this aspect of the course. What was I supposed to write? Who would be interested anyway? Did it really matter? What was the point in all this blogging malarky?

After a rather step learning curve I got the hang of the techie stuff, at least for posting my weekly post anyway. Looking back to my very first post Week 1 (pub 14th Oct 2013) you can see it was quite basic. But it was the start of recording what has been an amazing new adventure and I had no idea where it would lead. It was around Week 8   that I began to really think about how our imagination is the key to everything. I still didn’t fully understand the impact our thoughts and feelings have on us and our life, but something was beginning to stir in me.

be-the-change4You can see around Week 16 I was feeling more focused about what I wanted to do with my life and by Week 20 I began to really see a shift in my emotional, intellectual and spiritual understanding.  Finding a way to really help others by sharing my  gifts and talents in my own unique way became my focus. I was part of a group of 8 fabulous ladies who supported each other through this journey, and we decided to partner up to create a 1:1 MasterMind. Konstantina and I chose each other based on our emotional connection and geographical location as there is only a 2 hour time difference between our countries (England and Greece). We began meeting via Google Hangout and have maintained our thrice weekly meetings for over 2 years. It has been the most wonderful blessing to both of us, even though we have never actually met in person. (This is something we are intending to do in 2016.)

superheromeBy Week 24 things were really beginning to change. I had handed in my resignation from my school teaching position in order to step out in faith and follow my heart, helping others through my natural gifts and talents. Does that sound a bit like bragging?!! No, certainly not. What the MasterKey helped me understand on a deeper level was that we all have unique talents and gifts that only we can share in our own unique way. Acknowledging them is extremely important, and I believe mine are in teaching through creative arts and music because it is what I LOVE doing. You have to feel passionate about what you are doing and that passion comes from doing what comes easily to you. For every unique gift there is a unique need. I created a seven week course over a period of about 6 or 7 months with only a feeling that I was doing the right thing. Fast forward to Sept 2015 I have received fabulous testimonials from people saying how much the course has opened up their mind to their own potential and they didn’t want it to end. Everyone has requested more workshops so they can continue learning and exploring their creativity. How do I know without any doubt that I am doing the right thing? Because I FEEL GOOD inside. I LOVE seeing the sparkle coming back into people’s eyes as they start to believe in themselves again.

GoldenKeyI was accepted as a Certified Guide in 2014 and now for 2015 I am a Master Guide which means I will be helping and mentoring a new Guide from last years class. It’s a huge honour, and witnessing the power and self belief come back to course members as they figure things out for themselves, and claim their power is AMAZING. I am so excited to begin the 2015-16 session on Sunday with hundreds of new courageous HEROES. It’s the GREATEST ADVENTURE EVER, and the blogging has allowed me to see how much I have changed over the 6 months and beyond. I do it for me now, and if what I have experienced can help anyone who may read it then that is a bonus.