Week C25 – Network or not work?

That is the question!

pensI feel the last few weeks have been really busy one way or another. I’ve had quite a few meetings with people either at networking groups or in person face to face. Also several Skype meetings with wonderful friends all over the world that I have made through the MasterKey Experience. I created a colour code planner which helps me identify where I am spending my time so that I can ensure I am using it effectively. Pink is for meetings, green for teaching, blue for other work. As I look back on the last week I can see my weekly schedule is ‘in the pink!’ I am doing a lot of networking, but does this mean I am not really working? Ut-oh! Let me see.

“Never again will I greet the dawn without a map”. (Og Mandino)

konstantina 2On further analysis I deduced that 3 of the meetings were on Skype with my fabulous Mastermind Partner Konstantina in Greece, which is the first vital element to success in any venture. No one makes it without a Mastermind. Two meetings this week were with ladies who wanted to know more about using Essential Oils which was great. I am meeting so many lovely people through this new venture and really having lots of fun, which is the second vital element to success. When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life! My other meetings have been on Skype with friends and colleagues overseas as we are preparing for the next MasterKey Experience class with trainings and last minute practice and system checks etc. The third element of success, as you will discover if you enroll for this years MasterKey Experience. Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance! 🙂

“Never again will I be disagreeable to a living soul”. (Og Mandino)

awesome-interview-questions-for-candidates-600x320So after careful consideration I feel this week has been a huge success. I’m having a great time, I’m making progress and allowing the Universe to align the next step along my path, with full faith that everything is always working out for me. If you are still undecided about enrolling for the 2015 MasterKey Experience session, may I just say to you that this phenomenal 6 month course has completely changed my direction in life. Instead of being in the same four walls with the same people doing the same things day after day, I am now out and about, meeting loads of really lovely people, doing something different every day with the excitement of uncertainty factored in that makes the adventure feel like being a kid on Christmas morning, everyday!!! For the first time in many years I can say hand on heart I LOVE MY LIFE.

“Always will I bathe my days in the golden glow of enthusiasm”. (Og Mandino)

If you want to check out the MasterKey launch info it is only available for another few days and then you’ll have to wait another 12 months before you can consider this again. Can your dream wait 12 months? Have you got dreams? Fed up with the 9-5? Use your mind! Think about it!

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