Week C7 No time to think!

Go with the flow! You can fly!

Momentum is happening and its time to go with the flow! I mentioned last week that I’ve been working with a friend on a joint business launch scheduled for the beginning of June. We have been helping each other over the last few weeks, honing our message and what we want to convey on this evening. I have been feeling good, if a little nervous, about it and so grateful and appreciative of having someone else to work alongside. On Tuesday afternoon around 3.30pm my friend phoned with some unexpected news.

SpotlightThe ‘spotlight speaker’ at a business club network meeting we were both attending later that evening had to cancel at the last minute and she had responded to an email asking if anyone was able to help fill in by volunteering the ‘both of us’. We literally had about an hour to put something together in order to do a 10 – 15 minutes presentation to a group of business men and women. There was no time to think about the pros and cons, to feel scared or psych myself up. It really was a ‘DO IT NOW’ moment. For anyone who has been through the Masterkey (MKMMA) Experience you will know the significance of that little mantra.

“…..Fear is an emotion. It is consequently not amenable to reason. You may therefore fear your friends as well as your enemies or fear the present and the past as well as the future. If fear attacks you, it must be destroyed.” (Haanel 27:28)  

Pins&SafetyPinsAnyone who knows me well will know that speaking in public is something I have always feared. Given the choice I would rather stick pins in my eyes, lol, but my strong sense of camaraderie and respect for my friend ran deeper than my fear. I had no time to over think and come up with all sorts of excuses as to why I wasn’t able to do the presentation. It feels like we have both stepped onto a moving roller coaster and there is nothing we can do now but go with the flow. To try and stop it would be detrimental and unproductive to everything we have been working on for the last few weeks. My heart knew I was ready; we both were. We believe 100% in the benefits our respective businesses offer and it was time to trust the Universe, believe that everything happens for a reason and that we had attracted this opportunity to us.

“You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.” (Haanel 12 intro)

Clapping-audience2As we presented our businesses from our hearts that evening the response was incredible. Business people who I suspect previously did not really know much about us or what we really are all about responded with enthusiasm, congratulations and a deep emotional awareness that what we are offering is both highly personal and hugely beneficial. One comment was “that was the best 10 minutes slot I’ve seen in a long time!” Several people took advertising posters to display for us, we received a confirmed booking to attend our launch event and we found strength and power within ourselves as we shared our personal journeys. Wow! I am so grateful for that impromptu opportunity to practice speaking and presenting in public. We now know in our hearts that we can do this, that what we want to share has deep meaning for people and that we are on the right path. All it takes is faith and trust…..and a little fairy dust! 🙂

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