A Burden is Lifted

Feel a burden on your shoulders?

BurdenedThe burden of carrying a weight on your shoulders feels draining both emotionally and physically. Emotional weights feel much heavier than physical weights, and often we don’t know how to get rid of them. It may manifest in a variety of feelings such as anxiety, stress, feeling stuck, lost, unfulfilled, sad, lonely, negative, fearful, and empty. We are not always able to identify why or what has caused the feelings, and sometimes we are not even totally aware of just how heavy a weight we are carrying until it is lifted. We all need a little help.

How do you lift the burden?

As I faced a fear and stepped out (again) in the direction of my dreams this last couple of weeks things have begun to shift. A whole new door opened up and I found myself connecting with some amazing heart centred, spiritual women, one being Claire Westwood (The Seaside CEO).  Following my heart (that gut instinctive knowing), I enrolled on her ‘Maverick Marketing Magic’ course and since then I have felt my burden lifting. When you change your perspective and focus things change. No matter who you are, we all need to change our perspective at times.

Consequently I’ve had the most wonderful week. Money has flowed to me from a variety of places which has been really amazing to witness.  I had the privilege of attending the NEC Exhibitors Masterclass in Birmingham for free, which was absolutely brilliant, (we even got front row seats!); I went to a meeting that could potentially lead to more clients and really helping people in need of lifting their own burden, and I took the opportunity to book a 1:1 coaching session with one of the original Dragon’s from Dragon’s Den! How awesome is that!!!!

A burden is liftedHow do you change from Negative to Positive?

Scenario: After 20 – 30 years of being a wife, a mother, a carer and/or an employee, you wake up one day and realise you’re half way through your life!!! The children have left home to start their own lives, maybe you’ve experienced divorce, redundancy or bereavement and are at a crossroads in life. But it feels impossible to change direction. Looking around you notice others’ successes and wonder how you came to feel so stuck?! Your ability to imagine has become rusty and you can find yourself spiralling down emotionally. Feeling unappreciated, overworked, unfulfilled and trapped! I know I did.

The women who attend my Creative Self Discovery Course feel a host of negative emotions when they arrive to begin the seven weeks. By the end of the first session they all say they feel happier, more confident, proud of themselves and excited for what the next week will bring. Absolutely 100% of course members reported how the course has had such a huge positive impact on them and changed their self belief from negative to positive.

We learn by doing!

Shift the burden. To challenge your habitual thinking and get creative with our imagination again we have to do something because we learn by doing. What has a plastic milk bottle, corrugated cardboard, string and old magazines got to do with self belief, confidence and changing your life? 🙂 Trust the process and allow your heart to whisper the answers. It is only experience that really teaches and doing hands on, fun, inspiring projects has an amazing impact on your emotions! Check out the fabulous testimonial videos from previous students on the Testimonials Page, and visit the ‘Online Course’ tab.  The course is now available both on and off line due to popular demand.

Creative Art, Thinking and Writing is a fantastic way to calm your mind and body, relax, refocus and recharge. As you understand the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success on an holistic level through recycling creative art projects you open your mind to possibility within you and the Reflective Questionnaires help reveal unconscious beliefs and habitual negative self talk that may be holding you back, and refocus on what is most important to you. Step into your imagination, reconnect with your ‘Inner Child’ and open your mind to your potential. The brain has to be prepared to see new patterns and ideas. You can Create, Educate and Liberate yourself!! 😀

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Step into your imagination.