Butt or But? It’s your choice!

Butt or But? 

think think thinkFor the last few weeks my friend and I have been meeting up at 8.30am twice a week to go for a 90 minutes walk around a local landmark called ‘The Wrekin’. It’s a huge hill (1,335 ft) on the outskirts of Telford.

This Friday my friend was unable to go because she was exhibiting her art at a show in London. Would I get myself up at 8.00am and go for a walk by myself? Think!….but it was windy….think!….but I was tired….think!…but…..!

I have to admit I hesitated for a few moments, but I had made a promise to myself, so I got off my butt, picked up my walking boots and headed off. I reached the point where I could either continue going around, or turn right and go straight up and over. It was windy, I was alone, I had left my phone at home and I wasn’t feeling overly energetic at what was now 8.45am! Think! Easy? Think! Hard? Think! Was I prepared to push myself?

It’s your Choice

I turned right and began to climb. My heart started pounding in my chest, blood pumping through my veins, I put one foot in front of the other. Three times I had to stop and catch my breath. At one point I physically just had to sat down for a little while. As I sat I looked up, the tops of the tall pine and silver birch trees swayed furiously in the wind. The trunk was visibly moving from side to side, but as my eyes moved to the base of the tree it appeared solid, unmoving and firm.

butt or but No matter what chaos what happening up top, the tree remained stable, it’s roots were strong. What a metaphor for our own lives! I was struck by the insight. Then I continued climbing. I rested again at the top and sat on the damp grass looking out across the Shropshire countryside.

I watched a tiny lorry wind its way along a country road while others in the distance travelled the straight line of the motorway. Neither aware of the others presence, yet I could see them all clearly. Despite the wind it felt peaceful and satisfying to be sitting at the top. I felt a sense of freedom, exhilaration and pride in myself for succeeding. 🙂

‘Every time we set ourselves myself to do something and we accomplish it, no matter how great or small, we are I am depositing currency in our my spiritual check-book. When we fail to accomplish something, we are I am withdrawing currency. If we withdraw too much, then we bankrupt ourselves myself. It is vitally important to see through what we intend to do.’ (Charles Haanel)

One thing in common

The walk down the other side was easy. My heart was smiling I noticed the people walking up from the other direction, which is a constant but steady incline, as opposed to the side I had just climbed which was a steeper gradient. A young mother with a baby in a sling on her chest, two ladies in saris chatting happily together, an older man who looked like a character out of The Hobbit with wiry hair and long grey beard, a slightly over weight woman with flushed cheeks and walking poles to help her, a middle aged woman in bright orange trousers, a young man running, a middle aged man carrying his jacket over his arm, another man with a dog and two older couples walking together. The two women walking slightly ahead of their husbands discussing if their husbands would be ok on the walk!

but i-can-be-what-i-will-to-beEveryone of them said hello, all completely different, yet each one of them with  something amazing in common! Every single one had got off their butt that morning and made a decision. What ever ‘buts‘ might have been going on in their head, they overcame them, got dressed, drove to The Wrekin and started walking. That’s tough at 8.30am!! It’s something so few people are willing to do, not just in relation to climbing The Wrekin, but in life. Every one of the people on The Wrekin that morning were winners! They all had determination, perseverance and courage. I feel so proud to one of them. 🙂

Are you ready to invest in you?

Show the world how great you are? 


Run towards your dreams my friend. Put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

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