Life is a Creative Journey. What are you Creating?

Life is a Creative Journey

Creation is CreativeWhen we are in the flow of positive energy we move up the spiral of life and everything feels easy, effortless and exhilarating. However, we thrive on challenge and accomplishment. How could we know what accomplishment feels like if we never feel the disappointment of not accomplishing? Life is a creative journey and creativity can get messy.

How could you recognise the tranquility of stillness and silence if you never experience noise and chaos? If it were always day, you would not know the joy and beauty of a sunrise. If it were always night, you would not experience the exhilaration of beautiful views and colours. The beauty is in creation. We are creators and our life is our creation. We create through thought and feeling.

What are you Creating?

When things are feeling difficult, life is not going the way you want and you are feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, unfulfilled and unconfident about what you want and how to achieve more, then my ‘Super Charge your Self Confidence in 7 Creative Week’ Course is the perfect solution. Read and listen to the amazing testimonials from previous course members.

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Get CreativeIt is designed to help you reconnect with your ‘Inner child’. To reignite your imagination and discover that creative spirit that you knew when you were young, but may have forgotten about. Our feelings are gifts that guide us, but we have to take the time to listen and pay attention to them.

‘The kingdom of heaven is within you. Humanity cannot enter this kingdom, but your imagination can when you detach yourself from that to which you are now attached. There must be a separation, for only the human spirit is called, and only the human spirit can pass, singly, through this “I.” (Neville Goddard – The Creative Use of Imagination)

Click here to listen to testimonials from previous course members.

Doing something creative is a good way to create space in your thought processes because it absorbs your mind and body, develops the habit of concentration and focused attention which are vital to achieving our goals in life. Understanding the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success also helps us to connect with life on a deeper level.

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ (Einstein)

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