Colour Changes your Perspective

Changing your Perspective

Colour PerspectiveNo matter how good we think our perspective is, or believe we see all the angles, non of us can see everything. We all need the insight of others at times.

Something I read recently described a habit as something we do unconsciously. It’s an automatic physical, emotional or mental response that you’re not aware that you do.

However, once you become aware of it, it is not longer a habit but a choice. Interesting!

‘The value of the subconscious is enormous: It guides us me, it warns us me, it controls the my vital processes, and it is the seat of memory.’ (Charles Haanel)

The Power of Colour

On Sunday I went to a ‘Prosperity Experience’ Day with the amazingly insightful and heart centred Rachel Elnaugh and Jackie Tweedie. Although I went with an open mind, I had a few thoughts about what we might do. I was wrong!!!

The opening ‘ice breaker’ was  fascinating and revealed some interesting and invaluable insights into how each of us carry so much around emotionally that we are not even aware of.

Change your PerspectiveThe day proceeded to unfold through the use of ‘Colour Mirrors,‘ which I had heard about but not experienced. Jackie’s natural skill and understanding about the human psyche and blocked emotions was amazing and wonderful to experience.

During the day each of us gained tremendous insights into our own subconscious habits. It took someone else to be able to see what we could not see in ourselves. We all have blind spots, no matter how much personal development we have done.

Creative Spiritual Growth

As I continue to grow spiritually and personally I am truly grateful for the experience I had on Sunday and have already begun to put things in place to shift my energy and alignment to get into the abundant flow of love, health, money and living my purpose; Which is to enable others to reconnect with their True Self, reignite their imagination and gain self confidence and self belief.

Developing the power of concentration and changing your perspective about yourself and the world around you through creativity is fun, inspiring and fulfilling. I truly love teaching and helping others become all that they can be.

‘The power of concentration is the very highest personal accomplishment that can be achieved. It is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman.’ (Charles Haanel)

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