Week C14 – Slow down

Pay Attention!!!

With all the best will in the world, sometimes even ‘post’ the MasterKey Experience 🙂 it’s good to be reminded of what’s important on a daily basis. What do I mean? Well, the beginning of the week wasn’t so great……….
angry face

I arrived home on Monday morning after taking my car for it’s service to find a speeding fine had arrived in the post! What!!!!!!! When!????????? I read through the notice to discover I had been driving 35 mph when I should have been driving at 30 mph! You’re kidding me!!!!! 5 miles per hour is little more than jogging pace!!!!! I was NOT impressed. My initial reaction was one of indignation and criticism….. ‘haven’t they got anything better to do than make money out of innocent people…..blah, blah, blah……….!!! ‘ I’m sure you get the picture! 🙁

‘If our predominant mental attitude is one of power, courage, kindliness and sympathy, we shall find that our environment will reflect conditions in correspondence with these thoughts; if it is weak, critical, envious and destructive, we shall find our environment reflecting conditions corresponding to these thoughts.’ (Haanel 9:30)     Yikes!!!

winnie_the_pooh_thinking_icon_by_fadedxlight-d45kk6zA few days later I sat thinking about this incident. If I accept I am the creator of my own reality, which I do, then I have to accept that I created this circumstance and take 100% responsibility. But how did I attract this? I really did not think I was speeding at the time. If I’m honest I wasn’t really paying that much attention and I realised my mind was focused on other things and I did not see the camera van parked up, which may have made me do a quick double check. I realised that for a week or so I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with a few things and had stopped taking the time to sit in silence each day, which until recently I had been doing daily. What was the message my ‘Inner self’ was trying to convey? I came to the conclusion that it was ‘slow down and pay more attention to what is around me, what I am doing, thinking and feeling NOW!’

“The great fact is, that the source of all life and all power is from within. Persons, circumstances and events may suggest need and opportunities, but the insight, strength and power to answer these needs will be found within.’ (Haanel 5:22)

mr happyThroughout the MasterKey Experience I learnt how powerful our thoughts are, and how positive focused energy creates dreams. My energy had been scattered for a couple of weeks that’s all. Nothing major, but focusing on the past or the future causes stress because you can’t do anything about the past and the future hasn’t happened yet. I am grateful for this opportunity to Recognise, Relate, Assimilate and Apply (R2A2). Something Mark J and the team drilled into us throughout the 6 month MasterKey Course. So instead of seething for days or even weeks, I was able to apply my knowledge and understanding quickly, evaluate the cause and rectify the matter.

‘We have found that everything we get comes to us by the Law of Attraction. A happy thought cannot exist in an unhappy consciousness; therefore the consciousness must change, and , as the consciousness changes, all conditions necessary to meet the changed consciousness must gradually change, in order to meet the requirements of the new situation.’ (Haanel 13:24)

 A little musical laugh at myself!! 🙂

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