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Other People’s Onions

Other people’s opinions become our onionsAs we grow we learn what we’re supposed to do, should do, shouldn’t do, can’t do, can do, must do and mustn’t do, in order to satisfy other people!!! We begin to live according to other people’s opinions (oPInions). Or, 

Right is Might

Right is Might The Left Brain Hemisphere is where we logically analyse, compare and draw on previous experience to help us problem solve. Our education system is predominantly focused on Left brain learning with Maths, English and Science seen as the defining criteria for assessing 

Blame can drive you insane

Blame drives you Insane We all experience times when we feel hard done to, wronged or even down right mistreated. You think about the people or circumstances that you believe caused your pain, and suddenly, thought after thought, images begin floating through your mind…………. Questions! Oh 

Death by Duvet

ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS SLEEP! Many men spend their time doing everything possible to avoid accepting what is really going on for them physically, mentally and emotionally. We’ve been conditioned to believe admitting we’re lost and struggling is a sign of failure. ‘Keep