Week C16 – Flying the Nest

It’s time to fly the nest This has been a week of making decisions and knowing when you’re ready to fly the nest! What nest you might be thinking? I think your ‘nest’ is anything that makes you feel comfortable and safe. It doesn’t have to be 

Week C15 – Abundance or A Bun Dance!!

Give me a Break? So you have done everything you can to follow ‘experts’ advice! You plan your work and work your plan. You do your best to be thankful, grateful and appreciative. You give to others in as many ways as you can. You 

Week C14 – Do you something of value?

Do you have something of value to offer the world? Do you find value in articles on social media, television or in magazines about people who leave the corporate highway to follow their own path? Do you envy their courage, or snigger at their stupidity? Dr do 

Week C13 – Experiencing Silence.

Have you tried to listen to Silence? We hear and read everywhere how sitting in silence regularly helps us feel calm, more focused and energised. But how many of us actually take the time to do it? And if you do, how silent is the 

MK Week C12 – Communication Breakdown

Have you experienced Communication Breakdown? What exactly is Communication Breakdown? My interpretation would be that two or more people have failed to communicate their message, opinion, situation or feelings to each other, and reach a happy solution over any disagreement. As we all know, communication 

Mk week C11 – Make a Plan and Start Now

Do you have plan? When will you begin? We see and read all over the place the importance of making a plan, or acting ‘Now’. About living in the present moment and not putting off your dreams until you have achieved the right grades, the promotion, etc. Maybe you 

MK Week C10 – Fear of the Unknown!

What you know verses Fear of the Unknown! How often do you do the things you know and avoid the things you don’t know out of fear? We may not admit it to ourselves, let alone anyone else, but fear of looking stupid in front of 

MK Week C9 – Believe you can fly!

Be There or Be Square. Believe. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Be there or be square’, meaning ‘One should attend an event or one will be considered an outsider’, usually referring to a party or event. No one likes feeling they don’t belong, an outcast or 

Mk Week C8 – Who’s your Avatar?

Who’s avatar are you talking to? Who’s your avatar? What type of clients are you talking to? The only place to start when looking at your ideal client is yourself. If you can figure out why you do something, then it’s easier to understand others who may 

MK Week C7 – How to be a Super Hero!

Kindness is Key Kindness to others is something most human beings would agree is important and key to a happy life. But how often are you kind to yourself? In other words, do you play the victim or the Super Hero in your own life? Often the words