To Stress or not to StressSome stress is helpful, too much stress is unhelpful. When do stress levels become too much?Like the fan belt in a car engine, if the tension is too much or not enough the engine won’t work efficiently and it may 

You hold the key

Emotional Prison Using the right tools for the job always produces better results doesn’t it!  When it comes to home DIY we know not to paint the walls with a saw or sand the woodwork with a hammer. The result would be disastrous and cost you 

Ready to Rock?

You can’t see what you’re not looking for!Most people only see what’s right in front of them. They see the overdraft, the overgrown garden, the failing relationship or the illness. They think if these things could be fixed they’d feel better, and whilst on one 

What are you worth?

What are you worth to you? Question If you needed to raise £300 to save your child you would do it, wouldn’t you? If you needed to raise £3000 to save your child you would do it wouldn’t you? If you needed to raise £300,000 to save your 

Conditioned Thinking

Conditioning vs Creating Most of us have been conditioned into believing we are who we think we are. Does that sound a bit strange to you? Of course you believe you are who you think you are. Who would you be if you didn’t believe 

Who am I

Do you really know yourself? Have you ever stopped to think whether you really know yourself? I’m not talking about what coffee you like to drink or your favourite football team. I’m talking about knowing the real you. The you that exists when everything else 

Puzzle Pieces of Life

I can’t see the picture Life seems to be ticking along, it’s not perfect, but then whose life is, eh?! Suddenly from nowhere it seems everything has fallen apart. Your marriage or relationship implodes, your Boss wants a quiet ‘word,’  your business is not moving 

Other People’s Onions

Other people’s opinions become our onionsAs we grow we learn what we’re supposed to do, should do, shouldn’t do, can’t do, can do, must do and mustn’t do, in order to satisfy other people!!! We begin to live according to other people’s opinions (oPInions). Or, 

Right is Might

Right is Might The Left Brain Hemisphere is where we logically analyse, compare and draw on previous experience to help us problem solve. Our education system is predominantly focused on Left brain learning with Maths, English and Science seen as the defining criteria for assessing 

Blame can drive you insane

Blame drives you Insane We all experience times when we feel hard done to, wronged or even down right mistreated. You think about the people or circumstances that you believe caused your pain, and suddenly, thought after thought, images begin floating through your mind…………. Questions! Oh